Saturday, 3 March 2012

Dutch chastised again for neglecting tobacco control

Let this be a lesson. Countries that don't fulfil their obligations under the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control will be repeatedly admonished by the Framework Convention Alliance and its supporters.

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Lou said...

That's fine, they despise the Freedom Party and the Freedom Party knows it.

They know the anti's never elected them and they certainly have far better uses for their funding than give it to their sworn enemies.

Interesting the BBC reported today (check your red button) that 91 (yes 91) health groups signed off on a letter to Osborne to hike the tax on cigarettes by 2p a fag at the next budget. Virtually all are State funded or "charities".

Sort of puts your previous post into context; it hits the poor because they very much want it to hit the poor.

Trouble is Belinda, being less well off doesn't equate to being stupid. Just you can't always cough up for an internet connection. Pensioners in particular.