Monday, 13 February 2012

Unwelcome Sunday guest

Tom Bruce-Gardyne writes.

On Sunday he receives an unsolicited call to his home from the local NHS clinic asking whether there are any smokers in the house. The clinic cold-calls his house on the off-chance that a smoker lives there who is willing to be talked into giving up smoking.



Anonymous said...

Isn't there a law to prevent unsolicited telephone stalking and harassment? If not, then there might be a civil precedent at suing the NHS for employing this Gestapo tactic. It also puts the receiver at ill-ease knowing that someone unknown to the receiver is on the other end, knowing full well where the receiver lives. It is threatening and belligerent for any individual, let alone taxpaid government agency to be employing such disgusting organized crime tactics against citizens who are forced to pay for it by way of government extortion through taxation.

Unknown said...

Hey Bel, you get the filthy lucre then you have to use it, well most of it anyways, always keep a little aside to feather your nest.

If I got one of those phone calls...

Anonymous said...

Did anyone hear recently that the medical mafia want EVERY health care flunkey (yes, even hospital porters and GP receptionists) to 'discuss' the patient's lifestyle at EVERY point of contact? I reckon that this quit clinic is just being 'pro-active', as they'd like to put it.

You can ask to be put on a register prohibiting cold callers -but personally I'd enjoy threatening to call the police if they called me again ;)


Belinda said...

hospital porters and receptionists count as care staff do they? (this is getting silly).

Belinda said...

'this is getting silly' = wasn't referring to your comment Jay!

Belinda said...
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Michael J. McFadden said...

Be kinda nice if we were ready for it and answered, "Oh Yes! I smoke!"

and then lead the interviewer all the way down the garden path for as long as you can before mentioning that you smoke DANDELIONS that you grow in your garden!

Or banana peels... yeah... that's the ticket! Banana Peels!