Monday, 27 February 2012

Hawaii lawmakers in action

If you have not already done so read how this ('Committee votes to reverse smoking ban') became this.

It is hard to see how a full vote in committee fails to result in even a vote in the Senate.


Mr A said...

Disgusting. if I lived in Hawaii I'd be getting ready to man the barricades. Absolutely repugnant disregard of democraacy.

Anonymous said...

I agree, it's disgusting. Well, let the tourist trade in Hawaii continue to suffer, let the smokers and their husbands, wives and friends accompanying them no longer waste their money in Hawaii and let the major anti-smoking corporate owned big-name resorts and hotels continue to still make a profit because they have lower overhead costs spread out over a larger enterprise, until eventually anything non-corporate owned will be eliminated - and then the fascist state, which combined government sponsored smoking bans killing property rights and private businesses along with huge international corporate hospitality industry giants who help fund, promote and sponsor anti-smokerism, will have the victory they are seeeking for Hawaii and other tourist cities worldwide - conquered by the corporatists, in broad daylight, all the while everyones' eyes closed, thinking it was for "the good of all", being it's anti-smokerism, "the goodness". Maybe the committee was representing smaller business and they've finally awakened to the SHS Scam, but apparently in the main chamber, the corporatist and fake-charity influence still corrupts the main house.