Thursday, 16 February 2012

Champix could be prescribed for alcoholism

Champix (Chantix in the US) has shown 'promise' as a treatment for alcohol dependency. This is light blogging for a few days, but the link is here, and no mention is made of reports of side effects including depression, suicidal ideation and actual suicides other than a link to another report that denies any such effects.

Reports on adverse side effects are wide ranging. There are also less than flattering reports on its effectiveness as a smoking cessation therapy.


Anonymous said...

From Dave Atherton

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Peej8200 said...

I took Chantix to quit smoking and it was VERY effective. The only side effects I had were the absolute bizarre and oh-so-real dreams. The were disturbing at best, but I kinda liked them.

Belinda said...


No one is suggesting that everyone suffers intolerable side effects, but there is extensive anecdotal evidence that this happens too often.

investment in farmland said...

It seems quite clear that there are side affects, and that these side affects happen way more than just occasionally.

Unknown said...

my girl began to take champix on jan 15 2012.
on march first she committed suicide. in the meantime she changed her personality from an adorable lovely woman to a bizarr, rageous and aggressiv monster.

i am also a smoker and quitted it more than 5 times. sometimes it was easy, sometimes i had depressions. so i thought, her changing is a consequence of quitting smoking - unless she died. afterwards my research on champix began.

please, try any other way to quit smoking - but do not take champix. if you become aggressiv after taking champix, stop taking it. after 18 hours you will be yourself again! otherwise, you could risk your or others life!

Anonymous said...

As a recovering alcoholic with 5yrs sobriety. I strongly advise that these tablets should NOT be taken. Deep depression from these tablets is as i txt this msg really screwing with my quality if sobriety. I am an emotional wreck trying to bring up a 6yr old boy attending more aa mtgs than ever and smoking like a bloody train due to anxiety. What the hell r they thinking of even considering giving this mind altering substance to people who are usung alcohol to alter their mind of which is screwing their heads up already. RESEARCH HAS MOST DEFINATELY NOT BEEN DONE HERE. FOR YR OWN SANITY PLEASE DO NOT TAKE THESE. They do what they say on the packet. ALTER YR MIND!! Its very dangerous. How u am managing not take a drink is amazing. I HAVE AA TO THANK FOR THAT. Perhaps Smoking Anonymous groups should be set up and then they may have the same sucess rate as Alcoholics Anonymous. Thanks for reading. Pls listen to whats good advise.