Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Scottish Government's 2012 smoking campaign

You've read this story before, there is never a better time to stop smoking, and you are more likely to quit if you call the government stop smoking helpline.

Not even  recent mainstream reports of nicotine replacement as a failed treatment stops the Scottish Government in its tracks.

Also in the Evening Times, which also reports on the deferred tobacco display ban, which the Scottish Government now believes will be in place by 2015. It includes the provocative line:
The Scottish Government also needs to notify the European Union (EU) of the revised regulations – including one specifying how much of the area where cigarettes are stored can be seen when a sale is made.
Needs to notify the European Union? Are we really under that kind of obligation to the EU? 

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Anonymous said...

Scottish Democratic National Government under control of its citizens, or Scottish Provincial Colonial Administration under direction of the EU dictatorship - makes me wonder too. And how casually they say it, without blinking an eye, so "normal" already.