Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Professors Jill Pell and Linda Bauld to speak at smoking cessation event, Edinburgh

Might as well call it a trade fair, but it's a smoking cessation conference. Jill Pell and Linda Bauld are both tobacco control advocates, as is the Minister for Public Health Michael Matheson who is also addressing the conference.

More on Jill Pell and her groundbreaking research on asthma and heart attack admissions can be found here. Not for the first time, Pell's conclusions on the health impacts of the smoking ban have been found to clash with the evidence of somebody else's data.

Linda Bauld who this year left Bath University for Stirling, is best known for her contributions to the Evidence Review of the English smoking ban, and for speaking of harassment following the disagreement with Philip Morris.

Both academics, and the Health Minister, should be wary of involving themselves too closely with smoking cessation interests. This particular conference doesn't seem to be sponsored by Pfizer or similar, though. It's hard to know what exciting things will happen there, apart from talks by Pell, Bauld and Mr Matheson – perhaps not much as it's free to get in! (check here).

(If you can't make the conference you can still train as a stop smoking support worker. Academically accredited with Glasgow Caledonian University.)


Dick Puddlecote said...

You going to pop along, Belinda? ;)

Belinda said...

I'd need reinforcements. They might not let me in!

Bill Gibson said...

Ah yes, Linda Bauld who said that Tobacco Control Advocates must REJECT Ventilation and Air Filtration in the face of proof that the scientific technology employed captures 99.999% of Airborne Particulate, was approved by the UK Government in 2005 and would comply with the EU Indoor Air Quality Standard (EN 13779)

So what gems of wisdom will she offer this time round one wonders.

BTW, Note this Conference is free unless you do not turn up after pre-registering where a £35.00 fee will be charged.

Dick Puddlecote said...

Register, Belinda, what's the worst that could happen? ;)