Friday, 14 October 2011

Blackpool revokes partial outdoor smoking ban

Good news on this revocation in Blackpool – town hall chiefs listened to publicans and accepted that the partial ban they imposed caused arguments and was not enforceable.

So far the recently imposed ban at the Solaris Centre is still in place. A motion in the Localism Bill that would have allowed councils the power to ban smoking outdoors has been dropped – leaving the Solaris ban without much of a legal basis.


Anonymous said...

I enjoyed reading all the Blackpool comments especially the one claiming PAD was caused by smoking.
I have serious PAD and, at 64, had a major operation to get blood to my legs.
Firstly, I had rheumatic fever as a child and have never been a 'physical' person ever since I came last behind the fat lad in the 100 yards.
Secondly, I enjoy fatty foods and cannot imagine a life without bacon or belly pork etc.(oh, and I enjoy social drinking).
Thirdly, I tried 'exercise' but even at 35 found I had no legs left after cycling a couple of miles and had to rest whilst playing badminton with easy opponents.
My life has been fairly sedentary and I smoke.
BIG QUESTIONS - Was smoking the cause of my PAD? Will smoking be the cause of my death?
The camaraderie of friends has made my life fun and has given me pleasure - should I go outside with what few friends still go to the pub when they want a ciggie or sit inside on my own as I did only a couple of nights ago? Should I take my secret eCiggie out there with them?
OR should I invite them all around to mine where I have plenty of out of date cans and can enjoy their friendship together with the aroma of real tobacco?
OR should I simply fester and prepare for years of boredom?
Belinda,I'm sure you'll recognise this post from a Cornwall based lover of company, camaraderie and people.
The new Socialism - The people working together despite Government.

Belinda said...

Never opt for festering and boredom! x

Anonymous said...

Belinda - "Never opt for festering and boredom! x"

No danger.
My motto for 'the people' - Never let the bastards grind you down!

Anonymous said...

I put a comment as well withose fuckin lunatics!