Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Imperial Tobacco threatens appeal to Supreme Court

The story is here. The writer speculates that an appeal to the Supreme Court could cause trouble, if the Supreme Court ruled against the Scottish Government.

However the Supreme Court has already rejected an appeal from Sinclair Collis (vending machine company owned by Imperial Tobacco) on the legislation that will ban vending machines this year.

Much as I would like to see the courts overturning the legislation, I fear that they have already been lent on by legislators, and they are not providing the impartial service that they should be providing.

Legislators are not minded to heed appeals from what they perceive as tobacco interests – even though the results of a recently published European consultation on tobacco regulations revealed that ordinary citizens argued against the display ban in the same terms as the tobacco industry (para 6.6.4).

Such prejudice should not even register with the courts.

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