Monday, 16 May 2011

More on stakeholders: how corporations influence and profit from public policy

This paper has been lodged with legislators in Ohio. It concludes:
Ohio's Constitution is much more protective of property rights than the U.S. Constitution.  We can't wait to have our properties returned to their rightful owners!  We want you, our state legislators, to know that you've supported these special interest groups over us mom and pop business owners.  You've forgotten to protect the minority.  You've forgotten that our properties are to be held forever inviolate.  That's "forever", not ignored when it suits special interests.  No one is forced to work for us and no one is forced to enter our properties.  We want to be profitable once again.  And we want you to know that we know who's behind controlling our behaviors for profit. you want to side with them?  Or us, the people who vote? 
Whether you agree or not that private property should be inviolate, it can't be right for wealthy corporations to be able to lobby for policies that are ostensibly in the public interest, in a way that sidelines public participation, and from which they gain clear commercial advantages.

For the particular attention of Sheila Duffy, who clearly feels that tobacco companies are the only companies that attempt to influence public policy.

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Anonymous said...

A reminder that Pharma has infiltrated the UK Tobacco Control Advocates

Interesting that one of those mentioned above, namely Linda Bauld has been rumbled ..... quite easily it would appear

Its time to expose those behind the scams within Globalink, the Tobacco Control arm of the World Health Organisation

Bill G