Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Anti-smokers struggle to keep up

For the second time this week, anti-smokers have made an unseemly fuss about dreadfully old news. The first was when the BBC was criticised for this. Written in 2001, clearly headed with a disclaimer, it raises the wrath of doctors in 2011, as reported here.

Now the British Medical Journal (keeping its mind on serious medical issues as usual) has a go at tobacco companies because they have taken to selling cigarettes in packs of 14. Yes, packs that have been in circulation since pre-historic (i.e. pre-smoking ban) days have just reached the attention of those doctors insane enough to complain about such trivia.

Campaigners are outraged that smokers can buy cigarettes in packs of 14 'instead of the usual 20'. Should I add to their consternation by reminding these worthy campaigners that smokers can still buy ten-packs, as they didn't get round to banning them yet?


Anonymous said...

I´m suprised that you still have 10-packs, here in sweden they banned them several years ago. And achived nothing by it...

Anonymous said...

They achieved exactly what they wanted.
Keeping themselves in a cushy job.