Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Welsh schoolchildren's anti-smoking animation

I wonder what lessons they are missing out on in order to create the time for this 'animation'?

For a start, they could try learning what an animation actually is: I suspect this would be a far more enlightening exercise than getting children to chant 'We have a right to be healthy'.


Anonymous said...

Brainwashed brats, reminiscent of the Hitler Youth.

Belinda said...

It's hardly their fault!


"Wir haben ein Recht auf Gesundheit"

Robotic, blank eyed, indoctrinated Kinder chantings are far more effective left in the original German.

no' deid yet said...

'A right to be healthy.' Can any right exist without the right to choose a different path?
And what kind of parents allow their children to participate in state propaganda? Anon, The 'Hitler Youth' did not exist without the knowledge and support of their parents.