Tuesday, 15 March 2011

New professor annoys publicans

A professor of socio-management newly appointed by Stirling University has annoyed some publicans by stating that the smoking ban has had no clear adverse effect on the hospitality industry. The measured tones of Mark Daniels at the Publican describe this conclusion as 'rude', while the Pub Curmudgeon does a bit of digging on the new professor showing a clear career interest in smoking restrictions. (This includes vice chairmanship of  Cancer Research UK's Tobacco Advisory Group: you need to be on message if you want any money for your research from them.)

Professor Bauld is clearly on the up in tobacco control. Apart from praising the smoking ban and hiding its deleterious effects on the nation's social economy, she has produced this magnificent document. It sets out by describing the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control. On page 7 she tells the world that it needs a 100% smoke-free environment, that it must reject any form of air filtration or ventilation, that guidance will be provided on punishing those who infringe no-smoking laws and that implementing the FCTC's requirements is not resource dependent. Any country can do it, no matter how poor. Tell that to the Japanese.

Welcome to Scotland, Linda. I'm glad that your talents are becoming more widely recognized.


Anonymous said...

It is really way past time for TC to be shut down already - across the board - permanently. These people have way too much power over things they should have zero say-so what-so-ever.

Anonymous said...

Never mind tobacco, how about some plutonium!