Friday, 3 December 2010

Stopped in its tracks!

Very sad to announce that the finale of ASH Scotland Local Tobacco Control Alliance (a meeting entitled How far have we come? How far can we go?) has had to be cancelled because of the weather.
The ASH Scotland Local Tobacco Control Alliance project is now in its fifth and final year under the present funding structure from the Scottish Government and NHS Health Scotland.
This is the final event organised by the project.  All those involved with local tobacco alliances in Scotland are invited to celebrate the success of their work, identify future needs of their tobacco control alliance, how these needs can be met and how alliances can continue to share knowledge post the project.
Read more here. (This is what they missed out on today.)

The answer to their question is that we don't know where they are going (and neither do they as their planning day was cancelled), but since Scottish Government spending on tobacco control will reach over £1 million this year (scroll to foot of page for information)  (including local authority allocations), they will at least get paid for their efforts.  

Note that this ill-fated jamboree was funded by NHS Scotland


anti snore said...

This site is great.This link might be more helpful.

Eddie Douthwaite said...

More NHS money wasted, all for nothing.