Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Where's a union when you need it? summary dismissal for e-cig use

A summary sacking has befallen a bus driver caught using an e-cigarette. Summary dismissal, on a charge of gross misconduct, when the offender was not even driving a bus at the time. An e-cigarette. Really, equating the use of an e-cigarette with assault and theft (other forms of gross misconduct) is too silly.

You can read the account here. A link is provided if you wish to complain to the bus driver's employer, Country Liner.

I apologise if my heading sounds belligerent to unions. No union is mentioned in the blogger account and I don't even know if the driver is a member of a union. Nonetheless, unions must take note, if they haven't already, of the kind of action they can expect against their smoking members (or even members who look as if they are smoking), if the bus company concerned is allowed to get away with this.


JJ said...

Link Not Working

Tried the link twice...but no luck.

Belinda said...

It does work, it's a link to a blog, just tested

JJ said...

Job done!

I clicked on the address at the bottom of the article which didn’t work. I’ve since clicked on the Country Liner link which did work.

Anyway…I’ve sent a firm but fair email.

Since the antis like to keep the pressure up on us…then we should keep the pressure up on them.

It’s only fair isn’t it?

Belinda said...


Belinda said...

Thanks JJ, I have just written to the company as well.