Monday, 8 November 2010

Freedom to Choose (Scotland) supports campaign against eviction campaign: Sunday Post

The Sunday Post has reported Freedom to Choose (Scotland)'s support for a campaign to object against the eviction of an elderly resident, Philipina Schergevitch, in Canada because of her smoking status. The report can be read here, with thanks to Rich White, who made it available online.

Rich's account is here, and the link he provides bears repeating. Read here how the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation awarded significant research money to promote smoke-free facilities for the elderly. The link is quite old but offers an insight into the pressures that lead to such inhumanity as making elderly people smoke outdoors rather than allowing them to be comfortable.

Are these people for real? Unfortunately so.


Eddie Douthwaite said...

An example of the "HATE" campaigns against smokers.

Belinda said...

Completely agree Eddie. And winter temperatures in US are COLD. Even in the daytime.

Have you seen this one?