Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Global tobacco control is common purpose objective

Not much is yielded by googling tobacco control and the shadowy organisation called Common Purpose. Common Purpose director Julia Middleton has authored a book entitled Leadership in a Changing World, reviewed here ('Subversion: Beyond Authority') by Brian Gerrish, a known critic of Common Purpose. I haven't read the book but the idea of people breaking down lines of communication and accountability, replacing their obligations as holders of public offices with allegiance to a Common Purpose ideal (whatever the ideal) doesn't appeal to me.

The link that does come up yields much of interest (although very little about Scotland again): it shows how consent for tobacco control measures so far has been manipulated, and also shows how far Common Purpose graduates have become involved with Primary Care Trusts, various smoke-free quangos, trade unions and other public bodies including the courts. It reminds us of Clegg's invitation to the public to suggest changes to laws 'Your Freedom' websites fizzled to nothing with none of the promises being met, and the huge postcard campaign that ensured that the tobacco display ban would be voted through, most of the support coming from public bodies. International links are also explained.

It's a shame that this piece was spoiled by poor presentation and a particularly bad use of apostrophes. Otherwise it's worth looking at.

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