Monday, 18 October 2010

David Nuttall MP rewriting history

David Nuttall MP on the vote he lost on Wednesday last week to bring the smoking ban to a vote.

I don't buy altogether his comments about Toryism at the end. The smoking ban has so many deleterious effects on the population that it is hard to see how any political party can stomach it.

The whole process of denormalising smoking is an effort to make smoking history. (They didn't succeed in making poverty history either: a far more worthwhile aim but one impossible to achieve given the asymmetric economic relations that characterise international capitalism.)

History is written by winners and smoking history is currently being written by anti-smokers: the people who make laws on the basis of meaningless statistical babbling and strong smells. At last, in Westminster, David Nuttall MP is writing the other side of the story. He is a party man but in essence he is right, an important promise was broken and localism no longer works (nor does liberty or international brotherhood, if you go for one of the other parties).

He has promised not to let us down, so let's do what we can to support his stance on the ban. As legislation it's not wanted, needed or acceptable.

What a shame no one in the corridors of power in Scotland has done this yet.


Anonymous said...

Well said Belinda.
Some of us in England have started
to post(Land Mail)letters to various
targetted MPs and Media editors
requesting support for the MPs
pursuing amendments.
The requests make plain statements
about the facts surrounding the ban and list of web and blog sites where they can get further info and opinions.
Note! No sender specified ,that just attracts the attention of the Zealots .

PS A lot more needed

North Briton

Pat Nurse MA said...

And what a shame that those MSP's in the English parlt were able to vote on an issue that the English subject cannot vote in Scotland. Dontcha just lurve democrasssy

Eddie Douthwaite said...

Some MPs in Westminster are open-minded enough to question the evidence that resulted in the smoking ban.

In Scotland the MSPs refuse to accept that there are solutions to a total ban, that modern Air Filtration Equipment can deal with Second Hand Smoke, and blindly accept the flawed and "cherrypicked" studies carried out and funded by the vested interests
Pharmaceutical Companies and "so-called" Charities.