Thursday, 28 October 2010

Elderly Alberta resident rehoused

See update on this site: the 88-year-old, whose smoking habit resulted in her eviction from her senior citizens' residential complex, has a new home after her family was able to find her alternative accommodation.

This is a shameful policy.


Anonymous said...

It looks like this might just be the start of a trend for making smokers homeless:

Elderly people are easy targets unfortunately and one of the most vulnerable groups to bullying.

Belinda said...

Picking on the vulnerable is what they do. Happens all the time in mental health too. Is it deliberate, or just done because it's easy, the people concerned are perceived not to have any choice?

Anonymous said...

These people are sick.
Soviet Canada must be a horrible place to live.

handymanphil said...

They make themselves feel good by saying they are saving lives. They are despicable people using age & frailty to further their cause-and the world sits by and watches.
If I had the money I would open a "Smokers Only" Rest Home and refuse all else, after all, these apartments are these peoples homes! How PC would that be?

Anonymous said...

Thats what happens in a socialist country the only thing missing are the tanks an the troops. The 21st century has become that begnine dictatorship based on intimidation an ridicule an that 88yr old is prime example she's found other accomidation thankgoodness. Hope those who made this womans life whats left of it a living hell can live with themselves I sure as hell couldn't.

Michael J. McFadden said...


Petition effort now concluded!

{signatures and petition text cut off here since ECHO gets fussy about length, but should be available at

Thanks Rich!! We couldn't do much for her, but your work at least gave us a vehicle to do SOMETHING! :)


Hi everyone,

To update you all, I spoke to Philipina's daughter and son-in-law and she has moved to a new home where she is able to smoke; all is as well as can be expected. The petition was sent anyway because, as you all know, it's an important issue and one that needs to be stopped. Just how important, and how prominent it will be, is explained here: In fact there will be a new, bigger, much more important petition/campaign unveilved soon.

A huge thank you to everyone who put their name down this time, Philipina's family really appreciated it and you all showed we can pull together when needed, so it's time to march forward with that in mind.