Friday, 17 September 2010

Talking about outdoor smoking bans

Since everyone else is talking about the smoking ban that Mayor Bloomberg wants to impose on the parks and beaches of New York, we should talk about it on this blog too. Let's start here.

Don't forget to view this video.


Anonymous said...

Actually I getting tired and stunned.
I am 54 now and more liberties has been taken from me in the last 15 years that I want to remember. No one is listening . We will head for the bully state I am depressed

Eddie Douthwaite said...


I'm older than you and refuse to give up the fight against a ban which we all know was NEVER justifiable.

It took a decade for the Anti-Smoking lobby to spread their venom and get where they are today. It will take a lot less time to see their empire crumble to dust, or should I say ash.

Belinda said...

I think they are listening, but not enough of them. It does appear to me that readers are more critical of what is published in the name of science than they were two years ago.

The pressure to come down on smoking (among other things)internationally seems to be escalating as people in Scotland and the UK are waking up a bit. While heartened by the reaction to Jill Pell's nonsense about asthma I am also stunned by the suggestion that up to one-third of poll respondents think banning smoking in Central Park and New York beaches is fair enough. (Not that I really believe polls though, they are very open to abuse.)