Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Freedom2Choose meeting in Northampton hoped to be the first of many

This meeting of the UK organisation Freedom2Choose with pub trade representatives and two MPs is reported here. One of the MPs refers to a ten minute motion due to be lodged at Westminster on 13 October: details here.
 Ten minute Rule Motion: Mr David Nuttall: Public Houses and Private Members’ Clubs (Smoking): That leave be given to bring in a Bill to exempt public houses and private members’ clubs from the requirements of Part 1 of the Health Act 2006 relating to smoke-free premises; and for connected purposes.
This is the first opportunity since the Bill was passed in February 2006 to bring pressure on MPs. Readers in Scotland will have their own feelings about whether lobbying their MPs on this subject is ethical! But remember that the lobby groups working to maintain the ban will be hard at work throughout the UK. Your MP still represents your interests and is accountable to you, wherever you live.

Please take every opportunity to open a dialogue with your MP on this subject and make him/her understand that there is a genuine case for a relaxation of the smoking ban.


Anonymous said...

From the comments made...It's apparent that smokers are their own worst enemy and an apathetic lot.
Sometimes I think that they actually deserve to stand out in the stinking weather and that banning them from smoking in pubs is their punishment for being so lazy and docile.
12 million smokers and hardly a voice of dissent anywhere !!!

Chris Oakley said...

I agree with anon. I don't smoke and I am pretty sure I put more effort than most smokers into highlighting the unfairness and the inappropriateness of the current legislation on smoking in public places.
My MP is I am sure very aware of my position which is that, in light of the actual scientific evidence, I consider this legislation to be one of the most divisive, immoral, illiberal and morally “wrong” acts passed in recent years. It is a triumph for blind evangelism over science, for spin over substance and for the shrill voice of a vindictive minority over majority common sense and the democratic principle.
There are 12 million of you for heaven’s sake!