Wednesday, 25 August 2010

69 per cent of smokers want to quit

Well I thought the figure was 70 per cent, which has been the standard figure dished out by the authorities for years. Indeed the figure appears to apply everywhere. Everyone uses the same figure. It's an industry standard (see question 3)!

Everyone uses it except Sheila Duffy, who puts the figure at 69 per cent. Well, since the Scottish Household Survey has found a 1 per cent drop in smoking prevalence, perhaps that's reasonable.


Anonymous said...

The number of people wanting to quit has dropped since the smoke bans. English figures are here:

"In 2008/09, the Omnibus Survey found that 67% of current smokers in Great Britain reported that they wanted to give up smoking; this is lower than in 2007 when 74% of smokers wanted to give up."

Smoking Hot said...

Yep 69% of me may want to quit but unfortunately the 31% doesn't and as the 69% is from my chest downwards ... the 31% wins. :)

Anonymous said...

When people are asked about smoking and whether or not they want to quit;
people feel compelled to answer, that yes they do want to quit.

The majority do not want to suffer the health problems associated with smoking, but they don't want to quit either.
Wherever they introduce smoking bans,they always state that they found 70% of the people questioned said they want to quit.
It is meaningless nonsense.