Saturday, 25 January 2014

Irish showdown over e-cigarettes shows lack of logic

Watch Clive Bates calmly demolish the logic of tobacco control in the Republic of Ireland:

The anti-smokers describe the need to classify e-cigarettes as medicines and then scratch their heads as to whether these 'medicines' work, when e-cigarettes have never been described smoking cessation medication by their manufacturers (and yet they clearly do work miles better than pharmaceutical alternatives). Kathleen O'Meara manages to suggest that unless smokers use e-cigarettes to give up smoking they are using them simply to 'get round the smoking ban' by using them in places where tobacco smoking is banned – even though no smoke is involved. Far from getting round the smoking ban the smokers concerned are in full compliance with the smoking ban – if the likes of Kathleen O'Meara can't tell the difference between smoke and water vapour that's not the fault of users.

For further remarks see Dick Puddlecote's review.

And more again: Carl V. Phillips explains why the tobacco control community should no longer be able to say 'we just don't know' the effects of e-cigarettes. 

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Chris Whittaker said...

How do the Pharmaceutical comp,s know the long term affect of Patches and gum and surely the ingredients of Cigarettes are regulated by the Governments ?