Friday, 3 August 2012

Scotsman: Bill Jamieson on unflattering research of NRT

The piece is here. The third paragraph is enticing:
Pass me my nicotine patches and the NiQuitin mint drops. I am on Day 23 of what Sheila Duffy, Reichsmarshall of that crack Panzer Division “Action on Smoking and Health” who has forced me to stand outside on countless rain-soaked pavements would doubtless call a Smoking Cessation Programme. I may be quitting fags after 50 years. But I sure ain’t quitting nicotine.
Jamieson goes on: 'Well, there’s only one thing wrong with NRT. It doesn’t work,' and goes on to explain the research done by Patrick Basham and John C. Luik that sets out the position.

ASH Scotland's daily bulletin doesn't get very deep into this analysis, but comments on the article thus: 
His stance against pharmaceutical products developed to help smokers quit is based on a review by Patrick Basham and John C Luik who are both noted for their links with the tobacco industry. 
(This quotation comes complete with links to Tobacco Tactics, which inspiration for Tobacco Control Tactics.) 'Links' with tobacco companies can cover a multitude of sins, but if you are opposed to people in the pharmaceutical camp there is no point whatever in going to them for funding. All research is paid for, to the extent now that it is very hard to believe any of it. I can only say that ASH Scotland's dismissal of Basham and Luik's contribution is easy. All they have to do is refer to the tobacco connection, and the job is done.

Perhaps they didn't like the way Sheila was described in Jamieson's article. But it's always tough at the top.

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