Saturday, 11 August 2012

Cancer Research supports plain packaging on your High Street

Cancer Research UK's campaign against plain packs continues here (this is from yesterday). The usual warnings – that colours mislead customers into the belief that some brands are safer than others – and the story of a mother's death from lung cancer prompting her daughter to stop smoking.

I enjoyed this piece, from Smoking Scot. An interesting view of Cancer Research's place on the High Street:
They love recessions because landlords have few choices and will sign up to predatory long term deals when they can't rent to the productive sector. The hidden value of 44,500 volunteers is worth tens of millions of Pounds to CRUK and the whole lot's tax free. Little wonder they couldn't care less if every pub, greasy spoon or betting shop in the country closed - far less competition and lots of opportunities for them to open another retail "presence" in another High Street.
And even better:
Thankfully it's no longer necessary to go into a great long explanation about CRUK. All I need do is refer them to Tobacco Tactics (9), and point out that it's partly through their corporate donations that CRUK can help finance a site that slanders ordinary citizens, attempts to bully politicians and does its level best to ruin the careers of professionals who disagree with their view of the world. [link in original]
We may be met with a brick wall when it comes to most politicians, however very few corporations want to be associated with something as base as Tobacco Tactics. Once they see it for what it is, (and I highlight their "disclaimer") they quickly grasp how embarrassing it might be for their Chairman to have to answer searching questions at the next shareholders meeting! [link added]
Didn't need to go that far with one Tesco not a million miles from Edinburgh. Now their customers have a choice of charity cans and their alternate is excellent; the RNLI. The direct approach works, especially when the manager smokes!
One thing this has taught me is smokers need to get on to this charity bandwagon. It would be awesome if F2C, TCT or TICAP could set up a charity wing and start handing out donation cans. I've checked in on several small newsagents in my area that sell cigarettes and none accept cans from CRUK. To an owner, they've all indicated a willingness to accept a can from any outfit intent on fighting this monstrosity. [links added]
The reference to Tobacco Tactics is particularly interesting. The site includes a directory of opponents to tobacco control (split into categories such as libertarians, bloggers, politicians, etc.). Cancer Research has provided donations to this effort.

I find intriguing the idea that powerful charities might find it lucrative to lobby on legislation that will endanger small unfashionable shops, and small shops would support resistance to this juggernaut.

The fight goes on.


George Speller said...

The point of law is obvious. If you steal my bike it's a crime, even if you don't use it. Even if you just fix things so I can't use my bike - render it unusable - that's criminal damage. I know criminals are usually liars, but now liars are criminals.

Jonathan Bagley said...

I emailed CRUK, pointing out they were financing an organisation which slandered people by describing them as "pro smoking." I received no reply.

Anonymous said...

It seems to me to be the case that the Tobacco Control Dept of CRUK is a law unto itself. In effect, it is an offshoot of ASH. Like ASH it is merely a propaganda/advertising group. Truth is unnecessary. In fact, truth is a hindrance. CRUK's Tobacco Control Dept is responsible to no one - not even the Dept of Health - although it is likely that there are funders who call the shots, hire and fire, etc - maybe big pharm? The WHO? American Foundations? ASH USA? Who knows?