Saturday, 19 May 2012

F2C Scotland letter on minimum pricing, Edinburgh Evening News

Letter to Evening News from Michael Davidson, Freedom to Choose (Scotland)'s new chairman:
THE Scottish Government’s plan to bring in minimum pricing for alcohol will bring no benefits to society in general. 
There is no empirical evidence to suggest that it will make any difference to problem drinking – those who drink to a degree where they harm themselves, their families and society will continue to do so, just as they always have. 
Responsible drinkers among the poorest of society will suffer. The only beneficiaries of this government-imposed cartelism will be alcohol sellers and control-obsessed politicians.This is another prohibitionist move, following the smoking ban in pubs and other anti-tobacco measures, to wrest our autonomy from all of us. 
The job of politicians is to represent people, not to manage them.
Michael Davidson, Chairman, Freedom to Choose (Scotland), Edinburgh

The Guardian reports that minimum pricing was opposed by Scottish Labour, but following the SNP's decision to impose a 'health levy' on supermarkets (which will claw back the increased margins from alcohol sold in shops) they are likely to support it. The drinks industry believes that setting a minimum price for drink will be illegal in European law, even though most major parties now seem to be in favour.

Times are bad when European law seems the best hope we have of stopping this policy.


Anonymous said...

"There is no empirical That an evidence to suggest it will make any difference to problem drinking." First of all, what problem? Second, (if it exists) for whom? Third, who determines whether or not there is a problem? Fourth, who has the right to take action in relation to the alleged problem?

Belinda said...

I don't really see your point. Are you agreeing with me or arguing against me?
Michael Davidson