Monday, 23 January 2012

Bid for court hearing on smoking ban: Chris Carter appeal

Chris Carter has been fighting to bring the smoking ban before the courts for many years now. Last week he was denied a hearing before the Supreme Court. The story is here, and Pat Nurse has more.

Chris's case is complex and involved citing some powerful witnesses. The courts have denied him the opportunity to present it.

If you wish to assist him to minimise his impending gaol term, please go here. Fines and costs added up to £1,250. Cheques can be made payable to P & P Productions, and sent to P & P Productions at 37 Windley Road, Leicester LE2 6QX.

Stop press: the target has now been reached.


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Electronic Cigarette said...

What? denied hearing for him just to save people's health? Even just a little speak for the truth for Mr.Carter to make things clear to ban smoking and now totally denied hearing? Come on people wake up and open your eyes.