Monday, 3 October 2011

Non-report on smoking cessation in Aberdeen

Under the heading 'No smoking targets on track', we are told that 'Over 20 thousand people have tried to quit smoking in the NHS Grampian area over the last year'.

They're not even bothered about success now, an attempt is all they're looking for.

In Dick Puddlecote's latest, he links to this, which discusses the use of NRT as a long-term strategy rather than one limited to 12 weeks.

I wonder how they'll express their targets in future ... more people using gum and patches? Yet more people attempting to give up smoking but let's not talk about whether they managed it beyond the first four weeks?

Don't forget to attend to DP's other link:
only a small amount of data is available concerning the safety of persistent NRT use. At the present time we therefore have no basis for declaring that the population of long-term users are under cover (we are only able to state that persistent use of NRT is undoubtedly safer than the continuation of smoking). Consequently, there is a need to conduct large-scale studies with the primary aim of monitoring for misuse of OTC NRT and assessing the possible physical and mental health risks of persistent NRT use.

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