Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Stirling University takes down Facebook page on Philip Morris issue

Please correct me if I'm wrong but it looks as if this highly entertaining page – Stirling University Freedom of Information Request – has gone. Has been spirited off the face of Facebook. The link takes me to my home page, as if the Stirling University page had never existed.

Surely that was a bit drastic. They were ahead on the vote (last time I looked), most voters expressing support for the University's position. Must have been the arguments that scunnered them! from Bill Gibson, Dave Atherton, Iro Cyr, Cage Canada and others.

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Bill Gibson said...

A typical Anti Tobacco ploy .... stifle debate when facing defeat. I do think that we should thank those who did attempt to debate the issues, namely Simon Chapman, GLOBAlink and Roy Morrison, ASH Scoltand who at leasst showed guts unlike Sheila Duffy who is frightened to debate in the public arena.

A special thanks must also go to the Research Team at Stirling University for providing this ever so brief platform, more of the same please ... the sooner the better.

Pat Nurse MA said...

It may be that they have blocked you Belinda along with others who disagree with their view. In which case going to their page will bring you straight back to your own home page on FB. But the bigots can still have their say so that Stirling can falsely represent "public support".

After all, this lot don't like dissent and disagreement do they ?

Belinda said...

why didn't I think of that possibility! can you see it then, Pat?

@Bill – good thought.

Pat Nurse MA said...

Just looked with my non political profile and it has gone.

A search revealed these two links. The link direct to FB from the first one takes you to your own home page too.




Smoking Hot said...

Really? l thought they were behind when l looked ... not that that would stop them saying otherwise! :)

Michael J. McFadden said...

This isn't anything new for the Antis. Anyone with a better memory of it than mine want to summarize that huge pro/con "How many friends" fight of a couple of years ago where the Antis took their page down or got the smokers' page taken down when we started coming out ahead of them? There were some pretty good debates on those pages as well.