Thursday, 7 July 2011

Bingo: A club in decline, Lanark, Scotland

Situated in Lanark, population 8,253, the Vogue is a local institution. Martin Carroll, who owns and runs the current business, was interviewed four years ago by students at Cardonald College. The result is the video below, showing Martin's best efforts to keep the club afloat.


Unknown said...

I really feel for our friend and former chairman Belinda. Martin is a smashing bloke. No wonder he is bitter about the ban, just like most of us.

I could cheerfully strangle anyone in tobacco control and their ass kissing friends from ASH!

budgie said...

A human tragedy. Repeated in countless pubs and clubs across the world.

I've just followed the link, it's on Bannatyne St.

Dr. Brian Oblivion said...

Very well done. There should certainly be more video of this type made before small businesses like this have been completely wiped out.

Obviously the bright flashy chains will step in to meet demand for entertainment and social venues, but only in a generic and soulless way. It is terrible and not so much as a sign of the times, but what can be accomplished by a small committed group of people willing to shed their empathy and employ an at all costs strategy. Nothing is sacred, least of all individuality.

There was nothing organic or natural about the destruction of adult social gathering places.