Monday, 20 June 2011

Spanish campaigners and others seek to follow example of Netherlands tobacco policy

Translated by Google, read this Spanish blog post. Beginning with the withdrawal of Dutch public funding from mass smoking cessation campaigns, the piece goes on to discuss the smoking ban itself.
Edith Schippers is the Minister of Health, which reversed the ban on smoking in the Dutch hotel, with reasoning also flawless. If you smoke in hospitality venues in defense of labor rights of workers, provided that the establishment does not have employees, must be owner's decision whether to smoke or not smoke inside. We want the same for Spain.
Pointing out that the WD party in the Netherlands gained electoral support on the smoking ban issue, the article points out that what the Netherlands can do, Spain can also do. As Nevada has done in its own way.

As Scotland's licensed trade has requested, as a campaign orchestrated by Forest at Westminster will put forward at a meeting on 29 June (follow the link for information and to register for attendance).

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