Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Further BMA demand to ban smoking in cars

The BMA wants us to stop smoking in cars.
London-based Dr Noble said: “In cars, particle concentrations are 27 times higher than in a smoker’s home and 20 times higher than in a pub, in the days when you could smoke in public places.
“It would be safer to have your exhaust pipe on the inside of your car than smoke cigarettes in terms of fine particular matter released.
There is probably a good reason why neither Dr Noble nor anyone else from the BMA made a name for themselves by insisting that smoking bans in homes and cars should take priority over smoking bans in adult recreational venues. They could have saved millions of young children from up to five or six years of perilous exposure to secondary smoke. Why has no one sued them?

How can a BMA official talk about smoke levels in 'a car', 'a house', or 'a pub', and expect to have these units of measurement taken seriously?

And does he really believe that breathing in the product of an exhaust pipe is safer than inhaling secondary smoke? Why does he qualify this by saying 'in terms of particulate matter released' – because of the gaseous content of exhaust fumes, which don't lend themselves to particulate measurement?

Michael McFadden's contribution to the argument about toxicity of cigarette fumes (including its toxicity in relation to that of exhaust fumes) has featured in an earlier blog post. He points to serious flaws in studies on smoke inhalation.

We don't need a ban on smoking in cars.


Anonymous said...

If he would care to put this to the test with him sitting with the exhaust pipe in car car for the same length of time I,m in mine smoking not one,but two cigarettes....and seeing which one gets out,I,m quite willing to do it,in front of the cameras obviously to make sure I wasn,t cheating......

Leg-iron said...

When doctors lie so blatantly, how can anyone, smoker or non-smoker, trust the health service?

It's obvious there is no science in medicine any more. They are just making it all up these days.

We'd do better to visit the witch on the hill and suck weeds to get better, because medical science is just a load of invented nonsense now.

Might as well shut the whole NHS down, since they aren't at all interested in doing any real medicine any more.

Anonymous said...

Haven't these Doctors got any patients they should be dealing with rather than wasting time pouring out anti-smoking crap.