Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Tobacco funds Australian Coalition government

You would think the tobacco companies were the only companies to apply pressure to politicians by offering money, or that they did it in a uniquely evil way. No matter what else happens, tobacco companies remain the only source of unethical funding, and accepting tobacco money should be enough to destroy any party's credibility. Fortunately some of those commenting on this article seem aware that condemning corporate donations to political parties doesn't wash if you turn a blind eye to all but tobacco companies. That doesn't make you anti-corruption, it just makes you anti-tobacco.

In fact other people do bad things with their influence too.

In spite of opposition taunts, donations from the tobacco companies will probably not prevent a law being passed  to mandate plain packaging. Just like tobacco displays in shops and brand packaging, the effects of tobacco company donations are not always as predictable as anti-tobacco campaigners make out.

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