Friday, 4 March 2011

Bristol Royal Infirmary reintroduces shelters

Says the hospital spokesman:
We have come to the conclusion, as have a number of other hospitals, that although we cannot and do not support smoking in healthcare and the impact it has on public health, what we do need to do is respect people's privacy and dignity and provide somewhere if they really are going to smoke.
And even better, from the trust's chief executive:
UHBristol chief executive, Robert Woolley, said: 'We would rather conserve the dignity and the health of patients than the smokefree initiative.'
Someone had to disagree of course:
Regional director of public health and Smokefree South West spokesman, Gabriel Scally, said he felt the proposals for smoking shelters were bad news. He said: 'I would regard that as very disappointing. I would not see that as the way forward.
'The NHS and its premises should be completely smoke free.This is our health service and I don't believe that people should be damaging their health in this particular way with the help of the NHS. That's not what people pay their taxes for.'
But even Cecilia Farren of South West ASH recognises a 'terrible dilemma', and that the alternative is 'people standing about smoking outside hospitals'.  If that means somebody in ASH recognises that smokers' health and dignity must be protected in spite of their choices, then we might be making some progress.


Xopher said...

Smokefree South West may not respect smoker's health or dignity but it's happy enough to trough their taxes.

Anonymous said...

Never trust anti-smoking. I doubt they respect anything about smokers. If they make anything symbolic of a sympathetic gesture, there will surely be some other motivation behind it than regard for smokers. Look for a publicity or money angle or political posture for strategic gain and you will more likely find your motivation there.

valindas twin massage experts said...

Just imagine a great barbecue on an open fire- good vibe, lots of nice food, lots of smoke. No anti-smokers allowed.

Anonymous said...

Smokers should have the same right to dignity and health as anyone else. UHBristol are right to put the health and dignity of all their patients (by providing smoking shelters) before their smokefree policy.
Gabriel Scally of Smokefree South West talks of'people are damaging their health, with the help of the NHS' People will continue to smoke Gabriel. It would seem that denying people their dignity is what your organisation is really about if these are your views.