Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Biting the hand that feeds them?

Partick Thistle urges its supporters to 'quit smoking' by promoting Smokeline.

We find the usual assurances from smoking cessation experts:
Fiona Dunlop, Health Improvement Lead for Tobacco with NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde, said: “Even if you’ve tried to stop smoking in the past, there are many ways to help you quit in a way to suit every lifestyle. So whether you’ve tried quitting before, or are giving it a go for the first time, Smokeline and Stop Smoking Services in Glasgow and Clyde are here to help.  The Stop Smoking services are very easy to access and sessions are informal and supportive.  Advisors will discuss using products such as Nicotine Replacement Therapy (patches or gum), Champix or Zyban and help you get the product of your choice. In this way your quit attempt can start as soon as you are motivated.” 
We don't find this: "Currently stop smoking services are evaluated on the percentage of 4-week quitters, but around three-quarters relapse after this date." Is Partick Thistle being used as a front for pushing drugs that fail to work far more often than not? No therapy that doesn't involve smoking cessation drugs finds space here.

Partick Thistle is less likely to take up this issue with its sponsors Ignis, whose corporate bond managers' report reveals that Imperial Tobacco is included in its top ten holdings. However, the current sponsorship arrangement is due to expire this year, so perhaps Partick Thistle will take this opportunity to rid itself of such an unhealthy investment.

Imperial Tobacco, like other tobacco companies, cannot directly invest in sports or any other endeavour, but investment via bonds is less easy to ban (and perhaps such investment is still feeding MSPs' and other official pension funds).

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