Monday, 24 January 2011

Spain intensifies smoking inspections

The Spanish Director of Public Health has announced plans to step up enforcements of the smoking ban, following widespread reports of floutings.

He said, 'he had received no indications that financial losses, claimed by businesses as a result of the smoking ban in enclosed public spaces, were generalised, and asked for time to make "relevant evaluations."  "No other country has suffered economic losses after applying a law like this," he concluded.' [emphasis added]

I have to say that surprises me.


JJ said...

Do these officious arses ever ask themselves why people refuse to bow down and slavishly follow every dictat thrown at them?

This has to come enbloc from Europe. Or should that be Eastern Bloc?

Anonymous said...

They should look at this presentation

Smoking Hot said...

One wonders how the Spanish will react to fascism returning so quickly to Spain? Many of them have already lived it and will remember it.

Leg-iron said...

The 'no economic losses' claim doesn't surprise me. It's the same claim made by zealots in every country that's fast running out of bars and restaurants.