Friday, 17 December 2010

Ireland watches Greece

Ireland, where ministers could boast that the smoking ban has been successfully implemented since 2004 (even if it's widely ignored outside towns and cities, which I've heard said but can't confirm), comments on Greece, where it is abundantly clear that it hasn't been and probably can't be implemented, even after the Greek Government has imported enforcement officers from overseas to advise them.

Both countries have also experienced austerity measures at the hands of the EU.

Richard Pine, the writer, states that the smoking ban was immediately accepted in Ireland, and clearly feels that the Greeks have a problem with smoking – but do I pick up a sense that he profoundly respects the Greeks' ability to defend their national sovereignty and their national passion for smoking?


Anonymous said...

Belinda, there is a list of attitudes to bans by country in this NHS doc here tab 5.19 ,if you interested. Clearly the dutch were never keen on them in the first place!

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Thanks for your valuable contribution!