Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Promoting the Scottish blog round-up

For a few weeks I have carried this weekly review of Scottish blogging on the blogroll. It provides a box where you can submit your nominations each week for blogs worth reviewing. The resulting review covers a range of topics covering anything from (as this week) the Tommy Sheridan trial to the challenges of raising children with special needs, and everything in between. We've also had a brief mention this week in the context of spending cuts.

Last week their post urged readers to submit more blogs and blog posts for consideration, and generally to keep the Scottish round-up blog active and relevant. Their invitation to bloggers not to hestitate in putting their own posts forward was welcome, as they are actively looking for material: blogs in Scotland are certainly numerous – and it's all too easy to try once and be put off because they haven't included your recommendation that week.

Raising the profile of the campaign featured on this blog can only help. I hope readers will remember, not just to recommend stories from this blog and other Scotland-based blogs that you like, but also posts written about Scotland or by Scots anywhere.

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