Sunday, 24 October 2010

Bloggers rally support for evicted Calgary senior citizen

The story is here, and it speaks for itself.

New blog The Devil's in the Detail has teamed up with Rich White (Smokescreens) and Pro-Smoking Doctor to campaign for a change of heart.

Says the doc: 'Rich White, author of Smoke Screens: The Truth About Tobacco has written a letter to her housing association.  If you wish to b a signatory to this letter email him at richwhite (at)  I think we should let the Bishop O'Byrne Housing for Seniors Association how we feel!' ... see link for the letter, above. 

Please spread this link for maximum effect.  Evicting a tenant just because she smokes is wrong. 


Eddie Douthwaite said...

This story is beyond belief, the evil of the Anti-Smoking Movement has been fully exposed.

They will stop at nothing to further their hatred of tobacco.

Unknown said...

Rich sent me that link and I think it is disgusting. Eugenics is alive and well in Canada, the US and the UK!

jredheadgirl said...

Disgusting. I've done everything that I can do the last couple of days to try to get the word out; I hope everyone who reads this does the same.

Pat Nurse MA said...

Keep us updated at what is happening. Nice to see the word is being spread and I hope we can help this poor woman

Unknown said...

Posted about this over at our place. I have a vested interest as I live in a block of flats that caters mostly for elderly pensioners. Our warden has already asked us if we smoke, this is a missive from his bosses, the council.

It'll come here next, no doubt about it.

Johnnyrvf said...

The worst type of ( sub ) human rhetoric, these people hide behind a name which suggests compassion ( Bishop O'Byrne ) but in reality are just the usual small minded, self centred, egotistical unpleasant hoi poloi who pass them selves off as sophisticated and rational people, throwing an 88 year old woman out onto the street, way to go Canada, what else have you got up your sleeves under the no smoking anti- freedom fascism that you now so cravenly cling to?