Saturday, 10 March 2012

Not so critical of Stacey Solomon

It's worth pointing out that some press stories on Stacey Solomon on her issue of smoking while pregnant don't condemn her and indeed regard public censure of her as abusive.

This is from a writer who appears to believe Jill Pell's quite incredible conclusions about the smoking ban and premature births. Yet she feels like the witch hunt is tasteless:
The anti-smoking lobby, which has attacked her with such venom, certainly has the stats to back up its claim for moral legitimacy. But I balk at the mass condemnation of the one-time nation's sweetheart. 
It has the whiff of the witch hunt. There are glints of glee in the eyeballs of those rushing to crucify this otherwise likable and soft-natured woman. [...]
That a good mum should be rounded on and metaphorically spat at by those who imagine that not smoking makes them angels of propriety is so painfully ironic it's almost funny. 
As for the publicity-seeking vultures behind Celebrity Mum of the Year stripping her of her previous title, that's the biggest joke of all. 
With this year's short list featuring Natasha Giggs and the still to give birth, Peaches Geldof, Stacey can rest assured that being a decent mum has sod all to do with that prize.
Hooray for this writer from the Belfast Telegraph for acknowledging that good motherhood is a not defined by being risk averse, and for condemning this needless public outcry.

Hat tip to Pat Nurse who undertook some hefty radio work on the story this week.


Anonymous said...


"Those who live by the sword die by the sword"

She is a celeb. She wants publicity. She wants money. Any publicity is better than no publicity. She weeps crocodile tears. What has that got to do with the wholesale massacre of science anyway? People like her do not matter.

ASH ET AL try to make a big deal out of 'public opinion'. But 'public opinion' is ephemeral. The science is the most immportant thing, and it is upon the science that ASH ET AL will fail - eventually. ASH ET AL have based their science upon epidemiological studies alone, without the back-up of real research. Proper scientists do not agree, but they have been silenced by MONEY.

Do you know what? A Health Minister who was a sceptic as far as, for example, SHS was concerned could squash ASH ET AL tomorrow with the greatest of ease. Ref, the McTear Case.

Belinda said...

My only point was that a press reporter had not succumbed to the witch hunt mentality in spite of believing the Pell. This could show that not even ASH can rely on public opinion. Or it might not show anything.