Thursday, 22 September 2011

Where did our Facebook page go? The answer!

The question: 

Dear Professor Hastings

I was disappointed to see that the Facebook page discussing Philip Morris's FOI request to your University has been withdrawn.

It is very rare to get any discussion on tobacco control with key figures in the movement such as yourself and Simon Chapman. I would hope to see the page restored, and that similar opportunities will occur in the future.

The answer (after an automatic email announcing that Professor Hastings was on study leave):

Dear Belinda,

Thanks for your comments. We agree that the site provided a valuable opportunity for people to express their opinions and discuss this matter. The page was designed as a poll to provide a quick snapshot of public opinion. And in two weeks served that purpose very well indeed. 412 people voted: 352 were 'Against' handing over the data. 51 were 'For' and 9 maybes.

Our intention is to re-launch with a mandate for longer term engagement and discussion about this important issue.

Will keep you posted.

Best wishes,


Did they actually read the comments? Or just look at the poll?


Pat Nurse MA said...

Ah well, I thought it was about giving the appearance of public support. They got their numbers and now they've cleared off to begin the propaganda which will either be presented to Govt or a court of appeal.

Of course what they don't say is the numbers in their favour are all either people who work in TC, Smoke Free, or some other smokerphobic organsation.

It's a con but then everything is with TC

Xopher said...

You can't argue with science fact or statistics based on such academic rigour.
All we need now is a peer review.

Belinda said...

we'll probably get a peer review okay ... academics selected from Globalink.

Lysistrata said...

Ooh, that makes me so cross. Really really cross.

I'm almost beyond TC cross. I'm into WTF is this person being paid from our money (ok maybe indirectly, who knows) to pretend to be a scientist?

He would have been one of the first up eagerly to condemn Galileo as being in the pay of Heliots. And to being a Geocentric denialist. And then he would tuck another little bag of scummy gold away next his scummy little scrotum, and smile to himself as the heretics screamed and burned at the stake.

"The science is settled. The sun goes round the earth."