Sunday, 19 September 2010

Tobacco control blogs on how to fund global tobacco control

Read here. Graced with a comment from the wonderful James Repace warning of the dangers of secondhand smoke infiltration in multi-family dwellings' endangering 'tens of millions of people in the US alone'. (Only secondhand, James? Keep up!)

Speculation about how to raise enough money to cover the spiralling costs of tobacco control include more taxation mandated through the World Health Organisation's Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (FCTC).

Apart from James Repace two other contributors have given ideas so far: one says don't go just for the big tobacco companies: go for the users too. The other says the costs of global tobacco control are too high: ban the whole thing from farmers to end users (possibly under the illusion that illegal drug control comes cheap).

These are people who find nothing undemocratic in global bodies setting policy or mandating the raising of taxes on people including consumers who are found more in the least prosperous sectors in society. And they taxes will deter smoking. High taxes are thought to be a big factor in increased smuggling.

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The witch from Essex said...

Tobacco will become the new 'bootleg' product of the 21st century.
Push people too fat with taxes on tobacco and they will resort to growing their own.
A very easy plant to grow:
Plenty of people make home made wine/beer and growing tobacco for personal use is the next logical step.
Imagine the antis when the tax on tobacco dries up and they have to pay more tax !! Of course smokers will also pay more tax, but that would be offset by their savings on growing their own tobacco.
A win/win situation for smokers methinks !!

Anonymous said...

Tens of millions of people at risk???????
Hello which planet is this person and the people reading and believing this living on?

budgie said...

I posted Bel. Don't see why they shouldn't publish. This is the kind of question we should be asking....

'This is totally bizarre, what's all this talk about extra taxation, 'control' and 'polluter pays' ? If tobacco is that dangerous, and kills half its users, why is no one in authority or with influence demanding an immediate BAN of its sale and use? It's almost as if TC doesn't want total prohibition..'

Belinda said...

I don't think they are very quick to moderate, budgie. Hope yours goes up! Isn't Ksehmi recommending this very thing, just above Repace's comment?